Energy certification

energy certificateWhen selling any detached buildings larger than 50 m2 and an apartment or office space located in the building of more than 50m2 one must have an energy certificate. For rent, certificate must be obtained till 01.01.2016. The property from 01.01.2014. cannot be advertised in the media if there isnt a valid energy certificate, made by an authorized company.

What is the energy certificate?

The energy certificate is a document that shows the energy performance of buildings, and includes criteria and energy classes for which we classify constructed building. Certificate shows energy classes with the required heat energy for one year for a specific building. According to the energy class quantity of thermal energy consumed is estimated, and this value is regarded as indicative number and shall not be taken as an exact figure. The quantities of heat, i.e. energy class is consumed energy per square meter, and is expressed in kWh / m2. The classes are designated by letters A to G, with the worst energy class G, A and A + are the best.

energy certificate

The purpose of the energy certificate is to provide information to owners and users of buildings on the energy performance of the building or its separate useful units and comparison of buildings in relation to their energy performance, the efficiency of their energy systems, and the quality and properties of the building envelope.

energy certificate