Professional supervision of construction

Construction supervisionSupervision of construction of the building whose construction (gross) area not exceeding 400 m and buildings intended exclusively for agricultural activities whose construction (gross) area not exceeding 600 m is conducted only in relation to the fulfillment of the essential requirements of mechanical resistance and stability, energy and heat protection.

For buildings in which it is more tasks or work on a large scale, professional supervision must be carried out by more supervising engineers relevant profession. In this case, the investor or designee shall appoint a chief supervising engineer.
The main supervising engineer is responsible for the integrity and mutual harmonization of technical supervision of construction, and he is obliged to draw up a final report. Professional accounting and construction supervision on behalf of investors carried out by the supervising engineer.


In the implementation of technical supervision of construction supervision engineer shall:

• supervise the construction so that it complies with the building permit and confirmed main design or building permit, this Act and special regulations,

• determine whether a major project in terms of horizontal and vertical dimensions and purpose of the building is made in accordance with the building permit or building permit,

• determine if staking out the building inspected by a person authorized for state survey and real estate cadastre under a special law,

• determine whether the conditions for the contractor construction activities regulated by a special law,

• determine the implementation of control procedures with regard to conformity assessment, and to prove the quality of certain parts of the building by an authorized person,

• immediately introduce investors with all defects and irregularities during construction, and investors and building inspection and other inspection of the measures taken,

• draw up a final report on the design of the building.

Information for construction supervision and offer request to the contact numbers or by e-mail.