cestaDESIGN-Civil Engineering Roads and accompanying infrastructure, hiking trails, intersections, parking lots, bus stops are solved through the construction project (preliminary, main and detailed designs) and a traffic study. Service are mainly used by cities and municipalities but its not ruled out for natural and/or other legal persons.


prometni-elaboratiCREATION OF TRAFFIC STUDIES Study serves as the basis for the design of projects for which the prescribed procedure for obtaining documents on construction and as a basis for the execution of works and actions on the road that has not been prescribed procedure for obtaining documents on construction.


nadzorBuilding Supervision Professional supervision of construction and settlement on behalf of investors carried out by the supervising engineer to process construction of motorway is in accordance with the issued licenses, laws and special regulations. Supervision of construction of family houses is carried out in accordance of the mechanical resistance and stability, energy savings and thermal protection.


projektiranjeDESIGN Design is the main activity of our company, and consists of a series of activities that must be performed to obtain a permit for the construction and use of buildings. That includes planning, making sketches, studies, preliminary or main and detailed design. Particular attention has Refurbishment Projects that return on investment through energy savings, with the added advantage of improving the quality of life…

ENERGY CERTIFICATION AND INSPECTIONS OF BUILDINGS For insight into the actual energy balance of the building, the potential energy savings, the amount of investment and the return on investment is a necessary and indispensable building energy audit that results in energy certificate. The energy certificate is a document that summarizes all relevant energy performance of buildings.


legalizacijaBUILDING legalization legalization of illegally constructed buildings includes the definition of the basic conditions for legalization, analysis of the current situation, organization and development of the necessary studies and obtain the certificate on the completion of a state that allows registering the building in the cadastral and land registration. Completed buildings or completed part of the building…

Condominium – MAKING study of the registration procedure of registration of ownership is established in a specific part of the property and thus established property can be registered in the land registry. Condominuim can be implemented into family homes with two or more separate functional units, as well as the greater or big buildings.


vizualizacijaVisualization is an attractive and impressive display of real estate, and to better present the property you sell you need a high-quality 3D presentation. 3D visualization may cover the entire facility, the building that is located your property or it can be created only for your apartment, house or office. If your property needs to be adapted, the buyer can offer 3D solution for the regulation to make it easier to imagine the possibilities…


tehnicki_preglediThe Organization of Technical Inspections  Pursuant to the Building constructed buildings should be used after the body of Construction has issued licenses for its use – a use permit. Use permit for the constructed object is issued after the technical assessment (the technical inspection determines has been constructed in accordance with building permit or building permit and technical regulations for a specific building).



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Company ŽUPAN PROJEKT Ltd. for the design, construction and supervision
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