The organization of technical inspections

Pursuant to the Building (Construction Act) constructed buildings should be used after the body of Construction has issued licenses for its use – a use permit.
Use permit for the constructed object is issued after the technical assessment (the technical inspection determines has been constructed in accordance with building permit or building permit and technical regulations for a specific building).
The request for issuing the use permit the investor or a person on the basis of a valid legal transaction or inheritance acquired from investors the right of ownership to the competent body that issued the building permit or a location permit for the construction of buildings.
img-02Technical inspection performed by a commission set up by the body construction. The place, date and time of the technical inspection body architecture is obligated to inform investors.
The investor is obliged at the final inspection ensure the presence of participants in the construction.
Members of the committee on the technical review determine that buidling has been constructed according to the building permit or building permit and technical regulations for a specific building. Chairman of the Commission for technical inspection, or professional employee who performed the technical inspection is obliged after a technical inspection body to submit a log construction.
The investor shall, not later than on the day of technical review, give all the necessary documentation to the Commission for technical inspection.

The organization of technical inspection includes:
• Analysis of the current situation
• Submit Query
• Preparation of documentation (Documentation required for technical inspection)
• The organization making the necessary certificates
• Keeping the entire process

Information for the organization of technical inspection request to the above contact numbers or by e-mail.