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etaziranjeCondominium is a procedure that establishes ownership in a specific part of the property. Established property may be registered in the land registry.
If you own an apartment in a building that is not apportioned, you are actually the owner of a non-defined part of the building. As co-owner of the building (ie. The owner of the apartment), you are entitled to share in the common areas of the building (basement area, garage, attic part of the building) and part of the land on which a building is constructed in which there is your home.
If you do not apportion apartment, it will not be completely clear that the building is owned by you.

The only legal proof that you are the owner of the apartment, office space or other real estate is the land registry.

Flats, garages, offices, etc., can not be registered in the land register until the building is not regulary apportioned.

If you own a building that is not apportioned, there is a possibility that your documentation of ownership available in the so-called. Book of Deeds.

If you own apartement in building that has not been apportioned, you can perform the following actions:

• obtaining a mortgage loan
• the purchase or sale of real estate
• division of family property
• probate division
• determination of the share of individual co-owners in the cost of management and maintenance of the facility

You can apportion family home with 2 more apartments, as well as the greater or big building more apartments.


The process of building space can be carried out over all the special units in the building, such as:

• apartments
• offices
• garage
• parking spaces
• associated parts of these special units (open balconies, terraces, basement or attic rooms, home gardens, etc.) All of these units can be entered in the Land Register (to register) as their own.

Information for making condominium surveys or specific parts of the plan and ask for an offer on the above contact numbers or by e-mail.